Satech Introduces SmartCells SlimLine Anti-Fatigue Mats

Satech, Inc. has introduced its SmartCells SlimLine anti-fatigue mat collection. The company is a manufacturer of industrial and residential anti-fatigue mats.

According to the company, the new mats feature a low profile with a 3/8 inch height, and a design-friendly basket weave surface. The mats utilize the same cushioning technology as the company’s industrial products but in a package that is lighter and tailored for residential and office use.

The optimized design of the mats offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which become softer under impact and resist bottoming out, creating a balance for comfort while cooking and standing in a kitchen, said the company.

In addition, the mats have a rubber-based construction and are designed to not absorb liquid and are easy to clean. The SmartCells Anti-fatigue SlimLine mats are available in three colors and are protected with a four-year warranty.