Sealpod Debuts Reusable Pods For Nespresso Machines

The reusable pods available for single-serve coffee machines such as Keurig units are now available for Nespresso machines.

Sealpod, designed by Taiwanese company Belamolly Co., has launched a new refillable, Nespresso-compatible capsule, which the company noted is available now for sale on

The Sealpod refillable capsule system is patented and is said to work with Nespresso OriginalLine machines. The pod system consists of refillable capsules made of stainless steel and recyclable lids that are either aluminum, for coffee and espresso, or paper for tea. 

“Many Nespresso drinkers struggle with mixed feelings,” says Molly Liu, inventor/owner of Sealpod. “Most love their Nespresso machine, but they might worry about the environmental impact, desire to brew tea, want to use their favorite whole bean coffee, or simply want to stop paying $50 per month for disposable Nespresso pods. Sealpod solves these problems.”

The Sealpod has a suggested retail price of $33.99 for a two-pack.