Report: Sears To Launch Consumer Marketing Campaign

With the survival of Sears now a settled issue, at least for now, the venerable retailer is now focused on putting its brand back in front of consumers and letting shoppers know the company is, in fact, still in business.

The retailer is moving forward with a new marketing campaign with the branding “Making Moments Matter,” according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.  The slogan will appear on store signage, television advertising, social media, circulars and billboards.

The slogan for Sears’ sister retailer, Kmart, will be “Love Where You Live.”

Slogans for each retailer were created in-house as the company “did not have the luxury” of using outside agencies, said Peter Boutros, chief brand officer for Sears and Kmart.

Boutros did not offer specifics on the total spend for the two retailer’s marketing programs but said it is enough to make consumers aware that the two retail chains were open for business.