Selling A Better Quality Of Life

The annual HomeWorld Business Health & Wellness Report in the June 24, 2019, issue underscores an evolving consumer state of mind and the brimming opportunity for housewares suppliers and retailers that have responded by placing healthy living and wellness at the heart of their marketing and merchandising execution.

Personal Connection

Wellness as a lifestyle concept connects with consumers today on a deeper, personal level. It is aspirational and experiential— a desired quality of life more than simply a marketing trend.

Yet wellness can be quite compelling at retail. It transcends the home health care movement that emerged some two decades ago as a housewares hot spot when aging Baby Boomers and rising health care costs encouraged home health monitoring and maintenance and spurred all sorts of medically influenced devices from blood pressure and body fat monitors to plaque removers and personal massagers.

But if the home health care designation benefitted at the time from its pseudo-clinical relevance, wellness as a lifestyle “category” appeals more universally in today’s marketplace, spanning generations, demographics and a wider selection of housewares.

While products such as air cleaners, ear thermometers and the like still command a strong place in the retail health and wellness realm, the wellness opportunity applies a broader stroke that touches kitchen electrics, floor care, tableware, beverage portion-control dinnerware, organization and more, along with more obvious home health and personal care accessories. That soda makers, for example, have been recast successfully as hydration accessories for active people is a nod to the power of wellness messaging.

Expansive Reach

Even sustainability and smart home, two of the most transformative marketing trends the past few years encompassing housewares and home goods, have wellness in their makeup by promising personal, home and environmental peace of mind.

The expansive reach of the wellness marketing opportunity also invites more retail channels and more retailers to participate, not just those that also sell ibuprofen, bandages and toothpaste. Kohl’s, for example, has focused its turnaround effort the past couple of years on strengthening the connection between fashion, fitness and active consumers across generations.

Unleashed Possibilities

HomeWorld’s Health & Wellness Report once again spotlights the diverse range of categories that can unleash new sales possibilities when suppliers and retailers open their eyes and minds to the broader wellness opportunity.

The marketing and merchandising of health and wellness, though, is about more than the cross merchandising of certain categories.

It’s about connecting with a state of mind and enabling a better quality of life that is so vital to today’s consumers… and today’s housewares business.