Sensio Expands Brim Coffeemaker Assortment

Sensio continues to expand its assortment of Brim-branded appliances and recently debuted several new items targeting the craft coffee segment.

On the electric side, the 19-bar espresso maker is equipped with a high-pressure Italian pump, a pressure gauge for customized pressure and dry-steam technology, which allows the unit to produce rich and creamy foam, according to the company.

Sensio is also showcasing its Brim 8-cup pour over unit, which meets the Specialty Coffee Association Golden Cup Standard, according to the company. With a brew temperature of 200° Fahrenheit, coffee extraction time is between 8 minutes and 12 minutes and provides a water-to-coffee ratio of 1.63 grams of coffee per 1 fluid ounce.

The Brim pour over coffee kit includes a 6-cup glass decanter, SCA scoop for manual coffee making and a laser-etched permanent filter designed to allow for optimal water-to-coffee ratio, company officials said. Designed to make six 5-ounce servings, the unit is equipped with a silicone cool-touch sleeve for easy handling.

The smart value cold brew coffee maker is said to make a concentrate for 32 servings with a recommended ratio of one part coffee concentrate and three parts water or choice of milk. A combined 12 ounces of coarse ground coffee and seven cups of water are added to the brewing chamber to allow for a steep of between 12 hours and 24 hours.

Also new is the precision temperature & perfect pour capacitive gooseneck kettle. According to the company, the unit quickly boils 3.4 cups of water and a gooseneck spout allows for an easy pour over coffee, tea and a variety of other hot beverages.

A featured item in coffee grinders is an electric handheld unit that offers one-touch operation with slow speeds that are said to offer less heat during the grinding process, which is said to preserve the coffee’s aroma. Equipped with nine settings, the unit is able to grind fine coffee for use with espresso and coarse grinds for use with a French press.

The grinder holds up to 30-grams of coffee beans and 30-grams of ground coffee.

The company will also offer a conical burr grinder that is equipped with 17 grind settings ranging from fine (Turkish mocha) to coarse (French press). The bean container holds up to 185-grams of coffee and a removable ground coffee container has a capacity of 85-grams.