Sensio’s Brim Pour-Over Coffeemaker Gains SCA Certification

Sensio’s Brim 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffeemaker has been accepted into the Specialty Coffee Association’s Certified Home Brewer Program.

The SCA Certified Home Brewer designation was developed by coffee scientists and professional tasters to denote excellence in design and engineering.

To receive the certification, the brewer must pass tests for proper water temperature, brewing time, uniformity of extraction and other attributes, administered by engineers in the coffee lab on-site at the University of California, Davis.

In addition to meeting the SCA Gold Cup standard, the Brim 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffeemaker also meets key requirements of the Home Brewer certification. Those requirements include maintaining constant brewing temperature of 197.6° Fahrenheit to 204.8° Fahrenheit, coffee value and uniformity of extraction, beverage preparation and brew strength, beverage clarity and holding receptacle and temperature.