Sertodo Copper Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Sertodo Copper is launching its Espadín Flask series in conjunction with a new 10,000 square foot workshop in Michoacán, Mexico, and an accompanying Kickstarter campaign.

This will be the first product from the new shop, the company noted. There are currently 30 full time artisans on the team. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to “invest in the tooling and equipment (such as shears, hydraulic presses and cutting dies) needed for an improved work environment and more efficient production processes that allow Sertodo to focus more energy on its craft and quality,” according to the company.

Sertodo Copper is an international cooperative of master copper artisans, with workshops in Austin, TX, and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico. The heart of Sertodo’s vision blends modern styles and processes with artisan craft and deeply rooted traditions going back to the ancient times of the region, the company noted.