Shark Debuts Steam & Spray Pro

Shark is expanding its floor care assortment with the debut of its new Steam & Spray Pro, said by the company to provide three ways to clean hard floor surfaces within one cleaning system.

The latest in Shark’s line of steam mops, the Steam & Spray Pro features a steam only function that allows users to turn tap water into “super-heated steam” to clean all wood and hard floors. The Steam & Spray can be used with Shark’s hard floor cleanser for a higher level of cleaning for removing tough dirt and stains, the company said.

Both the Steam & Spray and cordless spray-only heads offer swivel-steering for easy maneuverability to achieve maximum clean results. The Shark Steam & Spray Pro’s Steam & Spray head includes an upright feature eliminating the need to set the mop down or lean it against the wall when not in use. In addition, the Steam & Spray head attaches to a washable cleaning pad that includes a bumper design for enhanced edge cleaning. LED lights in the spray nozzle illuminate the spray to target stains or spray a larger area to ensure the best results.

The unit can be used with washable micro-fiber pads or SaniFiber Disposable Pads.

“As a trusted brand in the steam cleaning category, our latest Shark product is tailored to provide an effective, easy-to-use and time-saving cleaning solution that won’t leave consumers questioning whether their floors are completely clean,” said Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro. “The Shark Steam & Spray Pro’s versatility is designed to cater to all consumer needs, whether they are looking to do a quick clean or tackle a tough mess, making it an ideal product needed for hard floor cleaning.”

The Shark Steam & Spray Pro comes with a Shark hard floor cleanser, a disposable SaniFiber pad, a washable microfiber pad and four AA batteries, and is available at retailers nationwide starting at $119.