SharkNinja Opens New Corporate Headquarters

Housewares supplier SharkNinja has opened a new corporate headquarters in Needham, MA.

According to the company, the move signifies the company’s “rapid company expansion and success” in the household appliances markets, and will bring the company’s 400 headquarter-based team members to work under one roof, with room for growth.

“Our new worldwide headquarters reflects our core company values and fosters innovation, creativity and success for our team members,” said Mark Barrocas, president of SharkNinja. “We’re finally in an all-inclusive space that feels authentic to SharkNinja’s identity and spirit, while further enhancing our ability to deliver products that delight our consumers.”

The company’s new space is located within the Newton-Needham N2 Innovation District at 89 A Street, Needham. Designed by Boston-based architectural firm Sasaki, the 175,000-square-foot, open concept space was built with a key focus on encouraging cross-functionality and collaboration among teams. With splashes of wood tones and Feng Shui energy, the welcoming office provides a modern and warm environment, the company said.

All functions will be located within the new space including product development, marketing, engineering, sales and more. The building will house product research and development labs and testing facilities, as well as an in-home replica to enable authentic product engagement and consumer insights.