Sharper Image Revitalizes Brand With Cross-Category Licensing Deals

Sharper Image, a brand of ThreeSixty Group, Inc., is set to launch new products under licenses with Conair Corporation, Allstar Products Group, Aerus L.L.C. and Mystic Apparel.

The partnerships will further expand Sharper Image product offerings across different lifestyle categories, including personal care, home environment and pet care, while continuing the brand’s mission to be a source for smart, innovative tech goods that are accessible and affordable, according to the company.

Parent company ThreeSixty Group also recently completed the acquisition of Vornado Air, with plans to develop portable heaters and fans under the Sharper Image brand leveraging the manufacturer’s expertise, the company said.

According to the company, Conair will manufacture a Sharper Image branded line of hair care and beauty products for both men and women. The line will offer items such as grooming products, hair care tools and more.

Licensed Allstar products will include Sharper Image-branded electronics, home goods and wellness products. Allstar is a manufacturer of As Seen On TV products and the new Sharper Image line will be deployed via infomercials.

Supporting Aerus’ goals of creating healthy homes, the new Sharper Image line of HEPA air purifiers is said to combine advanced NASA technology with a sleek and sophisticated design. Licenses will also include a Sharper Image line of smart pet accessories from Mystic Apparel.

“The Sharper Image brand has always been about innovation and discovery, and as we look to expand our product offerings to different lifestyle categories, we’re enlisting best-in-class partners who share our goal of creating high quality products that improve your everyday life,” said David Conn, CEO at Sharper Image brand owner ‎ThreeSixty Brands. “With great value and accessible prices, we have something for everyone— from the gadget lover or home owner, to the health-conscious and kid-at-heart.”

The new licensed products will be available at retail in 2019.