ShopperTrak: Black Weekend Retail Sales Grew 1%, Store Traffic Down 4%

According to ShopperTrak, with the promise of getting more value for their hard-earned dollars, shoppers spent a little more money holiday shopping from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday (Nov. 28Dec. 1) than they did last year, a new time-frame measure termed “Black Weekend.”

When compared to “Black Weekend” last year, ShopperTrak found that brick-and-mortar retail sales increased 1% as shoppers spent an estimated total of $22.2 billion across the four days. Retail shopper traffic decreased by 4%, to an estimated 1.8 billion store visits.

Total in-store shopper traffic increased by 9.4% in the apparel sector, while traffic in the electronics sector decreased by 6.5% for that same time period.

ShopperTrak estimates that in-store shopper traffic and sales by region, compared to Black Weekend of 2012, changed as follows: 

Regional Traffic

Regional Sales

Midwest: decreased 5.4%

Midwest: decreased 2.9%       

Northeast: decreased 9.8% 

Northeast: decreased 1%

South: decreased 2.3%

South: increased 1.8%

West: no change

West: increased 5.5%


“Retailers stretched Black Friday deals and promotions across November, removing the focus from just one big day of shopping,” said Bill Martin, ShopperTrak founder. “Shoppers, in turn, paced themselves. They spread their shopping and spending not just across the holiday weekend, but also into the days and weeks before it, contributing to a decrease in last weekend’s shopper traffic. Customers also researched store merchandise online first and more often came to stores ready to buy particular products.”

During “Black Weekend” 2012, shoppers spent $22 billion, compared to this year’s estimate of $22.2 billion. Thanksgiving Day accounted for 10% of the four-day weekend’s retail traffic in 2013. Though combined Thursday and Friday’s sales and traffic increased when compared to last year, both Saturday and Sunday saw store traffic and sales tail off and drop, according to ShopperTrak.