ShopperTrak: Thanksgiving, Black Friday Store Sales Down

ShopperTrak has released its preliminary sales estimate for brick-and-mortar retail on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. The two dates accumulated a projected $12.1 billion in combined sales, which is an estimated decrease versus 2014.

Thanksgiving Day grossed an estimated $1.8 billion in sales, while Black Friday garnered an estimated $10.4 billion in sales, according to ShopperTrak.

“This year, we saw Black Friday ads emerge before Halloween, as retailers aimed to get at the shopper’s wallet early,” said Kevin Kearns, ShopperTrak chief revenue officer. “And from our data, we saw greater retail sales generated prior to the Black Friday weekend, which is a result of retailers successfully elongating the holiday season. Ultimately, while many question the ongoing relevance of Black Friday, it is still the biggest sales day of the year and signals the start of the holiday shopping season.”

The two dates also saw thinner crowds, as the preliminary numbers indicated a decrease in shopper visits on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday when compared to last year, the company noted.

“Fewer visits on both days reinforce the trend we’ve seen throughout the year, in which shoppers are researching products ahead of time, targeting their store visits, and arriving in-store with the intention of making a purchase,” added Kearns. “The decrease in shopper visits on Thanksgiving Day also lends itself to the social backlash against store openings on the holiday.”

Following initial numbers, ShopperTrak maintains its estimated 2.4% increase in sales for brick-and-mortar retail during the 2015 holiday season.