ShopZio Exciting IMC_di Development

Buyer activity and sales levels have been gaining on ShopZio, a B2B digital marketplace powered by IMC_di, International Market Centers stated.

ShopZio is part of the company’s IMC_di digital innovation division.

As content has expanded, activity metrics such as active users, new vendors, active SKUs and, most importantly, sales, are growing dramatically, far surpassing pre-coronavirus outbreak levels, IMC indicated.

In May, ShopZio’s month-over-month sales volume doubled, according to IMC, with a 116% gain over April representing an all-time high in product dollar sales. Average order size also continued to rise and now totals nearly $1,100 per transaction, on par with pre-COVID spending levels.

Acquired in January 2020 as part of the IMC_di initiative, ShopZio is a fully functional B2B platform designed to facilitate product and resource discovery as well as transactional e-commerce, IMC pointed out. After the company began offering free subscriptions in April, including onboarding and transactions through year-end, the number of active ShopZio vendors has almost doubled, the company added, and active SKUs increased by 75% to 726,287.

In July, IMC_di will substantially broaden in scope. The digital operation will integrate ShopZio fully with IMC’s market websites and leverage the company’s marketing capabilities to help vendors reach new buyers, capture leads and grow sales. Retailers and designers also will enjoy an enhanced ability to source and shop. When ShopZio is easily linkable through the IMC market websites—, and— the company expects more than 1,000 brands and more than two million SKU’s to be live on the platform.

“The heightened level of buyer activity on ShopZio not only signals the reopening of business, but also reflects the influx of new content in terms of both vendors and SKUs now live on the B2B platform,” stated Eric Dean, IMC_di president. “As buyers and suppliers look to connect and transact, activity on ShopZio has spiked.”

Dean added, “ShopZio has been a great interim solution for IMC’s customers, enabling buyers and sellers to connect during a time of unprecedented business disruption.”