Silpat Introduces Silicone Mat Ties

Silpat is introducing new silicone mat ties, which are designed to help provide a simpler solution to folding and storing all baking mats.

The Silpat mat ties are made with a silicone coated metal. Users roll any Silpat mat, unravel a silicone tie, and slightly slap the rolled mat, which will wrap completely around the mat, keeping it rolled in place.

Made of silicone, the mat ties will be available for purchase in orange. The Silpat mat ties are part of a new product line that will be fully released by the end of 2017. The line will be available for purchase on October 31.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Silpat mat ties to our loyal consumers,” said Brandon Iacometta, marketing and sales administrator, Silpat. “This convenient and space-saving tie will eliminate overcrowding in kitchen cabinets and keep mats in peak condition.”