Simplehuman Debuts Foaming Sensor Soap Pump

Simplehuman has leveraged its sensor technology and developed a new foaming sensor soap pump.

The pump features a touch-free sensor, which is said to be precise enough that it can detect how far away a user’s hand is from the pump to determine when to dispense the soap and when to shut off. The silicone valve snaps shut to prevent excess soap from dripping.

The custom-designed pump mixes air into the liquid soap to deliver rich foam to create creamy lather, the company said, noting that the pump is made of the same grade of stainless steel as in marine and medical applications to ensure a long lasting, corrosion-resistant product.

Cordless and rechargeable, the foaming sensor soap pump lasts up to three and half months on a full charge, according to the company.

In addition, the company developed foam soap cartridges for both hand- and dishwashing. The degreasing dish soap is currently available in three scents, and hand soap is available in six scents.

“We wanted to bring the convenience of a touch-free pump, combined with the luxurious lather of foaming soap, into the home to provide the best hand- and dishwashing experience,” said Frank Yang, Simplehuman founder and CEO.