Simplehuman Launches Connected Sensor Mirror

Simplehuman has released its newest connected vanity mirror, Sensor Mirror Pro, which integrates a suite of connected platforms.

The sensor-activated mirror features two magnifications, 5x and 10x, as well as the company’s patented tru-lux light system that mimics natural sunlight. The new sensor mirror includes an adaptive motion sensor, which causes the mirror to light up automatically as the users face approaches, the company said. It also features adjustable color temperature, which is capable of color variations so users can manually adjust the mirror’s brightness and color temperature using the Simplehuman app.

“We wanted to create a mirror that gives customers the best view,” said Frank Yang, Simplehuman CEO. “This means a mirror that can mimic light from any environment.”

The Sensor Mirror Pro is Wi-Fi enabled. The company said it recently integrated Nest Cam, developed through the Works with Nest program. If the Nest setting is selected, the mirror will automatically change the color temperature and brightness throughout the day according to the light settings from the camera. 

The integration of IFTTT (If This Then That) allows users to control the mirror through auto custom settings. For example, users can set the mirror to the overcast setting by using the command, “If the weather is cloudy, set my mirror to overcast.”

The company said the mirror will also soon be able to connect through Amazon’s Alexa. Through Alexa, users can control the lighting on the mirror using simple voice commands. The mirror can brighten, dim or change color temperature, all through voice activation.

“Traditional vanity mirrors are outdated,” Yang added. “In an age where consumers can control anything through their phone or by voice activation, we wanted the mirror to fit seamlessly into day-to-day life.”

Cordless and rechargeable, the mirror battery lasts up to four weeks on a full charge. The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro is now available on the company’s website and currently retails for $250.