Simplykleen Debuts Sensor Trash Can

Simplykleen will debut new aesthetic and functional trash can solution concepts at the National Hardware Show, which will be available for shipping in early 2016.

The company’s Sensa-Ped is a new foot activated sensor can line. The user inserts the toe portion of the foot into the cavity at the bottom of the bin. With the sensor protected within the cavity, the design also intends to reduce the amount of false triggers due to people or pets walking by, noted the company.

The length of time the lid stays open is dependent upon the duration at which the foot was in front of the sensor. The bin also has an “override” button that consumers can press if they want to keep the lid open indefinitely.

The National Hardware Show will be held May 5-7.

For more on Simplykleen and other trash can introductions at the National Hardware Show, see the April 27 issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS.