Sipforia Introduces Coffee Savor Mug

Sipforia, a new company focused on elevating the coffee and tea drinking experience, has introduced the Coffee Savor, which is designed to keep coffee hot longer.

The design includes a coffee mug and base design that is said to naturally hold in heat, flavors and aroma, allowing the coffee to be enjoyed at the ideal drinking temperature over a longer period of time.

“Home brewing is on the rise. People are investing in quality beans, brewing methods and high-end equipment. Yet often they brew a delicious cup of coffee only to reheat it in their microwave,” said Michael Romley, CEO and founder of Sipforia. “We created the Coffee Savor to preserve heat and the entire flavor profile. We are excited to launch a product that keeps fresh coffee hot until the last sip.”

Sipforia’s Coffee Savor works through reducing the rate of evaporation by covering the mug. Unlike a lid, the Coffee Savor features a gravity-fed arm that raises and lowers as the proprietary mug is moved in and out. The super-grip base has a non-slip silicone material that keeps it in place on smooth surfaces.

Sipforia’s Coffee Savor coffee mug has a minimalist design made of new bone china with a matte gray exterior and a gloss white interior. It also features an oversized handle to ensure a comfortable grip. The mug and base have a suggested retail price of $30.