Skadu Power Scrubber Launches On Kickstarter

Start-up Hyper Lychee is launching its first product on Kickstarter. Skadu is a hand-held power scrubber with a unique approach to scrubbing, making removing even the most stuck up grime fast and effortless, the company said.

The Skadu scrubber is a powerful hand-held electric tool, housing a high torque motor and triple scrubber system. It cleanses with three scrubber disks rotating in opposite directions. This creates a multiplier effect, increasing scrubbing efficiency and allowing for effortless and speedy cleaning of stuck up grime. Skadu also comes with a set of attachments for diverse tasks such as the brush attachment for bottles and glasses and the copper scrubber for burnt stuck-on food on barbecue grills and baking trays.

“Coming back from visiting our relatives, we realized what a game changer effortless scrubbing would be for all of us” said Hannan Hakim, co-founder at Hyper Lychee. “So we developed Skadu to enable its user to scrub clean effortlessly, more efficiently, and much faster at the same time.”

The Skadu scrubber is live on Kickstarter from July 23, with an early bird price of $59.