Skyline Brands Debuts Aria Air Fryer Assortment

NEW YORK— Skyline Brands is expanding its assortment of air fryers with the debut of two units that will be sold under the company’s Aria sub-brand.

Launching at this month’s Hong Kong Electronics Fair and scheduled to be featured at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, company officials said the new air fryers represent a transition for Skyline from traditional units to those that are connected home products.

Specifics on the full line of features of air fryers in the Aria line were not available at press time.

The addition of new air fryers under the Aria brand marks an ongoing effort by the company in an appliance category that has seen rapid growth over the past five years.

Zain Subhani, CEO of Skyline Brands, said the company’s initial success in the air fryer category came two years ago. A Black Friday promotion featuring its Modernhome air fryer at The Home Depot sold out in just a few hours and far exceeded the company’s expectations, he said.

“The units were sold at a pricepoint that was not of an impulse product that consumers were buying as stocking stuffers,” he said. “The message behind this was that people were actually looking for new cooking devices.”

The sell-through at The Home Depot also provided Subhani and his team the opportunity to learn from consumers who purchased the item. While consumers said they liked being able to crisp food using only a minimal amount of oil, they also found additional capabilities for their newly purchased air fryer.

“Consumers indicated that their primary use for an air fryer wasn’t just to cook meals, but to also reheat and revive leftovers,” he said.

While Skyline Brands is a relatively new entrant in the air fryer category, the company is no stranger to the housewares category. Subhani noted the company has carried the Hamilton Beach license for several categories including hydration, drinkware, trash cans and other home accessories. The company’s Modernhome brand has also been utilized in the kitchen gadgets category.

As the company developed its air fryer assortment and entered a category that was rapidly growing and seeing a spate of product development, Subhani said it was important for his company to add unique features to its products.

Building off its original product assortment and utilizing feedback from consumers, the company’s new Aria line will feature air fryers that offer smart home capabilities, are equipped with a ceramic inner cooking surface, offer a lifetime warranty and offer units in various sizes including 3-quart, 5-quart, 7-quart and 10-quart.

“As a consumer, you’re getting 20% to 50% extra space for a 5% to 10% increase in cost,” he said. “The goal is to provide products that offer the best value to consumers, not the lowest price.”

As the Aria line launches, the company’s marketing effort for the new assortment will focus on direct to consumer brand awareness and education. This will include a launch on social media in the month following the Aria line’s debut that will eventually translate to traditional platforms including print and television.

“Social media and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will always be our largest drivers in consumer marketing as that is where our consumers’ attention is,” Subhani said. “We can use videos and graphics to help our consumers maximize their air fryer.”

He noted that online advertising efforts when paired with video
tutorials online and through the company’s app are key to building the confidence of consumers as they learn to use an air fryer.