Sleepace Introduces RestOn Sleep Monitor

Following a recent Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for RestOn, Sleepace has announced that the non-wearable sleep monitor is now available at Amazon and the company’s website.

RestOn is a microfiber band that molds to the body, yet is designed to be attached to a bed sheet, resting between the sheet and mattress, rather than being worn on the body, said the company. It contains medical-grade sensors that measure, trace and analyze the quality of a consumer’s sleep. To do so, the RestOn tracks sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles.

It works in conjunction with the free Sleepace app, which, according to the company, syncs to smart devices via Bluetooth technology and provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive sleep analysis and expert sleep guidance.

“RestOn empowers consumers with the ability to better understand their sleep habits and quality,” said David Huang, CEO of Sleepace. “With RestOn’s simple and intuitive sleep data analysis and expert advice, users can effectively improve their sleep, thereby improving their quality of life as a whole.”