Slumber Time Baby Bundle Features Dohm White Noise Appliance

The National Sleep Foundation and sound conditioner manufacturer Marpac, inventor of the Dohm white noise system, have developed a specialized “baby bundle” for infant and children product retailers, they have announced. The Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle includes Marpac’s sound masking appliance, a slumber information brochure from the National Sleep Foundation designed specifically for new parents, infants and children, and an illustrated storybook.

The Dohmie Baby Bundle has debuted at Babies ‘R Us and Toys ‘R Us as well as online, the organizations noted.

The Dohm unit endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, the Dohm-NSF, features two speeds and integrated vibration-dampening rubber feet for improved sound quality, the organizations pointed out. The unit measures 5 ¾ inches in diameter at the base and 3 ¼ inches high, weighs 1.5 pounds and runs on a normal household current. The accompanying power cord is eight feet long and UL-listed in the United States and Canada, they related.

The unit’s suggested retail price is $59.99.