Smart Scale Links Taylor, Bluetooth Technology

Taylor Precision Products has introduced the Smart Scale, which it characterizes as easy-to-use and outfitted with the latest technology. The company announced that its intention with the Smart Scale is to offer an aid in maintaining everyday excellence.

According to Taylor, the Smart Scale is set to roll out this month at select retailers including Kohl’s, Target, Costco and others nationwide.

Smart Scale uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transfer key health and fitness data to a user’s mobile phone or tablet via its free, proprietary SmarTrack App, Taylor. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app is stored in the cloud through SmarTrack. Suggested retail price is 59.99, the company stated.

The scale features an analyzer, which estimates body fat and composition using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology. In addition, Taylor has partnered with popular fitness and health apps RunKeeper, myfitnesspal and mapmyfitness to automatically sync data to a user’s preferred application for easy tracking, the company maintained.

“In developing the Smart Scale, we wanted to create a real solution for real people while helping maintain their health and fitness goals,” said Rob Kay, Taylor CEO and chairman, in announcing the product launch. “Smart Scale and our SmarTrack app are the perfect solution with their easy intuitive setup, affordable pricing and extensive list of features, including SmarTrack’s ability to save users’ data along the way.”