smart sippers-Reusable Straws Stirring Up Market

Whether they are festive and fun, functional and practical or somewhere in between, reusable straws have exploded on the scene as a must-have accessory for home and on-the-go dining and entertaining. As consumers become more conscious of the environmental effects of plastic straws, be it by personal choice or as they notice their local eateries banning plastic straws, the reusable straw has become an important accessory of choice.

Housewares suppliers are capitalizing on this trend. While many are introducing reusable straws in traditional materials, such as silicone, paper and stainless steel, suppliers are also welcoming in more surprising materials such as bamboo and glass. Glass especially has become of interest as the material, and the finishes it is available in, lends itself to a more elevated experience when paired with cocktail glasses, tumblers and other drinking vessels.