Sobremesa Introduces Ceramic Dinnerware In Las Vegas

Sobremesa has introduced its Nigella Cobalt ceramic dinnerware at the Las Vegas market. The new design features a twist on the classic blue-and-white pattern.

The dinnerware is made of earthenware and is freehand painted using a food safe paint and glaze. The pattern is described as mandala-like patterns and bold stripes. The dinnerware is made by a Tunisian artisan studio called Dishes & Deco, founded in 2009. The company said the studio grew out of a love of Mediterranean dishes and the desire to bring them to European and American markets.

Sobremesa is offering the dinnerware in a range of styles including various sized plates, platters and bowls, as well as a pitcher. The dinnerware also pairs with the brand’s Cobalt Stripe dishes for a mix-and-match assortment.