Soccer Legend Mia Hamm Backs Allstar’s PainCakes Rollout

Allstar Products Group has taken over retail distribution of PainCakes hands- and strap-free adhesive cold packs, backed by a multi-channel marketing program including a new infomercial starring U.S. women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm recently began airing.

PainCakes feature a proprietary chill-peel-and-stick technology that allows users to attach the compact, disk-shaped cold packs directly to skin where relief is needed, according to Allstar.

Each Paincake cold pack can be applied up to 100 times. The latex- and silicone-free design leave no residue, and it doesn’t pull hair and skin. The slim design enables the packs to be worn under clothing.

Allstar is backing the retail placement of PainCakes with a performance-based marketing plan concentrated on DRTV, digital and social platforms. Digital influencers are a focal point of the campaign, said Teresa Sinapi, Allstar’s marketing director. The first PainCakes DRTV spot featuring Hamm began airing last week, Sinapi said.

PainCakes are offered in single-packs of large (5-inch diameter) disks and two-packs of mini (2.88-inch diameter) disks, as well as a 10-inch-long wrap. The disk packs retail for $9.99 each; and the wrap retails for $12.99.

Allstar plans to expand the PainCakes line, Sinapi noted. Allstar also has launched a pair of new DRTV-backed items— a cat toy and a liquid sewing solution— set for fourth quarter retail rollout.