SodaStream Ad Campaign Focused On Single-Use Plastic Bottles

SodaStream is launching a new video campaign that is focused on the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles.

According to the company, the video features a singing sea turtle calling on people to use reusable bottles.

“Plastic has become a pandemic threat with its impact upon human health still unknown, but with devastating environmental consequences to our oceans and marine life,” said Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream’s CEO. “In this campaign, we wanted to give a voice to marine animals and, together with them, encourage people and corporations to switch from single-use plastic to reusable packaging.”

The video campaign features Sir Rod Stewart, Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson, Sarah Catherine Hook, a choir of people and marine animals injured by plastic parts singing the song “Ocean of Change” written for SodaStream for this campaign.

The video has been launched in tandem with the website, where SodaStream encourages consumers to take a stand against single-use plastic.