SodaStream Announces Point-Of-Sale Milestone

SodaStream International, Ltd., a leading manufacturer and distributor of home soda pop makers, announced that its products are now sold in more than 40,000 locations worldwide, up from 35,000 earlier this year.
“We continue to expand our distribution to more stores as our products attract new retailers as well as consumers, in the U.S. and around the world,” said Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream CEO. “This holiday season beverage drinkers are showing they clearly understand that there is a new way— the SodaStream way— where they can make over 100 different flavors of soda at home, using tap water, without carrying heavy shopping bags or trying to find storage space for their drinks. Not only that, but our consumers are helping the environment as they no longer have to dispose of bottles and cans that pollute our planet.”
Birnbaum concluded, “We are excited to reach the 40,000 store milestone. It is important to note that we are driving growth across all regions, including the U.S., which contributed significantly to the increasing number of retail locations. This is in-line with our strategy, and we are confident in SodaStream’s ability to continue to add more points of sale in 2011.”