SodaStream Launches At-Home Service To Purchase Carbonators

SodaStream has launched its at-home CO2 carbonator exchange pick-up service, SodaStream Fizz Concierge, in select regions along the Northeast. According to the company, the new pilot program offers a delivery option that makes the sustainable recycling and reusing of carbonator cylinders even easier for consumers.

Fizz Concierge will allow SodaStream users to return used and receive full CO2 carbonators from the comfort of their homes. In the pilot phase of the program, consumers in select areas will be able to now order two new 60L CO2 cylinders from their computer, tablet or mobile device. Each shipment will contain the two carbonator cylinders, along with a pre-paid, pre-labeled return box to use once the cylinders are used.

When it’s time to replenish, consumers will place used carbonator cylinders in the pre-paid box and schedule a pick-up time and location through UPS. Users of the program will collect 6,000 “Frequent Fizzer” loyalty points (a $30 value) with every return. These points, which have no expiration date, can be used towards a SodaStream online purchase of carbonator cylinder refills, sparkling water drink mixes or even new machines.

“In the company’s effort to increase sustainability initiatives and consistently seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we are now rolling out SodaStream Fizz Concierge, that will ensure a greater number of our used CO2 canisters will be reused,” said John Sheppard, president of SodaStream U.S. “Our new service also helps us offer the utmost convenience to our many loyal consumers.”

SodaStream said it is gradually rolling out this new residential cylinder return program in six locations along the East Coast: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. SodaStream said it could introduce Fizz Concierge nationally by the end of 2016.