SodaStream Launches Beer Bar

After refocusing its product development and marketing efforts in recent years on sparkling water, SodaStream is tapping into a new beverage segment with the launch of its Beer Bar.

The new appliance line is said by the company to allow consumers to make home-crafted beer using sparkling water with a “unique beer concentrate.”

“We are excited to launch a brand dedicated to serving the global growing trend of home crafted beer,” said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream. “Our core carbonation technology and distribution infrastructure provide a great platform for us to extend our business into this emerging category, and we choose to do so with a dedicated beer brand.”

The Beer Bar is being launched with a light beer, Blondie, which is said by the company to have a smooth authentic taste, and a hop filled aroma. The Beer Bar enables consumers to concoct crafted beer in seconds by adding Blondie concentrate to sparkling water, according to the company. Blondie contains 4.5% alcohol by volume, the average level found in most global beer brands. A one liter Blondie bottle yields approximately three liters of beer.

SodaStream chose to first launch the Beer Bar in some of Europe’s beer capitals. The appliance is available in SodaStream Germany’s online store and at leading retailers in Switzerland. Other markets are expected to launch the Beer Bar in late 2016 and 2017.