Soft, Creamy Hues Create A Fresh Color Palette For The Home

Pastels have come a long way since their days livening up children’s tea party sets and mom’s Easter dinner tableware. Today’s pastels are a bit more muted and most definitely a bit edgier than ever before. Attendees of the spring New York Tabletop Market will spot many versions of these more modern pastel hues among the many styles of dinnerware and glassware vendors are showcasing.

“The muted/modern pastel color palette has evolved into dinnerware after influencing color palettes in every room of the home. From paints and textiles, muted pastels are now considered a new neutral for dinnerware which can act as a base for other colors or add a subtle pop of color on its own. These muted colors first began as a trend but have evolved into an important color staple,” said Fawn Ostriak, vp/concept and development at Lenox.

Several vendors agree this new color palette also lends itself to livening up retail displays and also suits the mix-and-match trend that consumers are embracing for their home collections.

“Soft hues are showing up in retailer displays to bring a fresh, happy spring look year-round. Softer colors play well off of darker blues and lavenders which are added into assortments to give them more range and merchandising options,” said Laurie Gates Gibson’s svp/creative and merchandising.

While Millennial pink certainly brought the shade back into the spotlight, the hue is one that several designers are embracing in new ways, pairing it with black and gold for a more sophisticated representation of the popular pastel shade.

“Pale pink is a color that is classic and is a wonderful foil for darker colors, such as charcoal gray and black. It has a very sophisticated and sexy feel to it,” said Rosanna Bowles, CEO, Rosanna, Inc.