Soleus Air Adds MyHome Mode To Dehumidifiers

Soleus Air is demonstrating its new patent-pending feature, MyHome Mode, that has been added to its line of dehumidifiers at the International Home + Housewares show in Chicago.

The consumer-friendly MyHome mode comprises three pre-sets that users can choose from in order to achieve a balanced level of humidification, based on what is needed in different areas of the home including the basement, living room or bedroom. Consumers also have the ability to control humidity levels at their discretion, however the pre-sets can be beneficial for those consumers that are uncertain of their home’s needs.

“MyHome mode was born out of market research that we regularly conduct,” explained Matt Woods, marketing manager for Soleus Air. “From our research, we’ve learned people don’t really know how to use a dehumidifier, in the sense that most admit that they don’t know what humidity level to set.”

“So you have people in all different climates using dehumidifiers all over their house. MyHome is a feature stemming from that. We always try to make our products as easy as possible to use and this does just that. So no one has to know what level they should be using, they could choose basement mode and they’re done,” added Woods.

Woods also said that the MyHome mode feature is planned to be available on all of the company’s dehumidifiers that are headed to mass retailers this spring.