Solidteknics Launches Kickstarter Campaign For New Skillet

Solidteknics is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its US-ION skillets.

According to the company, the pan is made from wrought iron and is half the weight of a regular cast iron skillet. Made in the U.S., the pans were inspired by French carbon steel pans. At 3mm, the pans won’t warp under high heat like thin carbon steel pans, which means the user can cook with any heat source, from induction to campfire, the company said.

The cookware also features ergonomic handles which come with ventilation gaps so heat won’t transfer to the hand, the company noted.

According to the company’s Kickstarter timeline, production is set to begin on the pan in July with shipping beginning in September. The skillets are available in 7.5-inch and 10-inch sizes.