SOLIDteknics Launches Nöni Cookware On Kickstarter

SOLIDteknics is introducing nöni, a line of seamless one-piece stainless steel cookware pans, on Kickstarter. Made in Sydney, Australia, each pan comes with a multi-century quality guarantee and has lids that multi-task as skillets, the company said.

“We want customers to buy our pans only once, and hand them down for multiple generations. That’s why we engrave the date of manufacture on every nöni pan,” said Mark James Henry, SOLIDteknics founder and development engineer. “We want our cookware to become treasured family heirlooms. Our vision is that future generations will marvel at their durability while making great memories over their shared love of food.”

Made of German steel, nöni features handles that are integral with the pan body, with no rivets, welds, screws, or fragile clad layers, according to the company. The design is currently patent-pending.