Sqwishful Debuts Sustainable Sponges

Sqwishful, a brand of sustainable sponges, is now available nationwide at Whole Foods Stores.

The company’s Pop Up Sponge is 100% plant-based and biodegradable. The sponge is compressed to reduce its carbon footprint (just inflate with water) and unlike conventional polyurethane sponges, these are specially crafted to not contribute to plastic waste. The sponges are compostable as well. Made in the USA, the pop up sponges have a suggested retail price of $6 for a three-pack.

Additionally, Sqwishful has introduced a new, plant-powered and plastic-free dishwashing set. Combining sustainable materials with zero plastic, dyes, glues, or varnishes, the set’s products are renewable plant-based, biodegradable, and compostable. Packaging is made from recyclable kraft, European certified compostable bags, and soy-based ink stickers. The set, with a suggested retail price of $30, includes a dish brush made of natural bamboo, sisal, and hemp; a scrub sponge made from natural luffa, wood pulp, and hemp; and three of the pop up sponges.