Stadler Form Launches Anti-Microbial Cleaning Cloths

Producers are positioning an array of new products today as aids for consumers who want to do more than traditional cleaning to sanitize their home. Stadler Form has launched the Nodorsil cleaning cloth multipack as an innovative, state-of-the-art means to keeping consumer homes micro-pathogen free, the company stated.

For the over 78 million households in the United States with children, keeping germs at bay and preventing cross-contamination in the kitchen just got a whole lot simpler, Stadler Form asserted.

The company fashions Nodorsil cleaning cloths from quality, eco-friendly microfiber material. The material integrates patented silver ionic technology, which inhibits bacterial action and so suppresses illness and stale odors. Because of their anti-microbial properties, Stadler Form’s new cleaning cloths remain clean and fresh-smelling even after repeated use. The cloths can be washed 300 or more times and still retain 90% of their antimicrobial properties.

Silver ionic technology is safe to use around children and pets, Stadler Form pointed out. At the same time, the company maintained, Nodorsil cleaning cloths save money by reducing the need for disposable paper towels and kitchen sponges.

A Nodorsil microfiber cleaning cloth multipack contains 12 towels in six variations to handle a range of cleaning tasks, including, as the company detailed:

Two universal multi-purpose cloths with deep cleaning stripes that also offer high absorbency and leave a streak-free, high-shine polish.

Two antimicrobial all-purpose cloths with activated carbon to clean grease.

One antimicrobial floor cloth with scrubbing stripes for all smooth, wooden, synthetic, parquet, laminate, tiled or natural stone floors that can be used wet or dry.

Three cloths using modern viscose fiber technology to effectively pick up dirt and other debris.

Two particularly absorbent microfiber window cloths that require no chemical detergents to readily remove stains and streaks from glass surfaces.

Two microfiber cloths integrating sponge fibers for superior absorbency and coated with a dedicated polyurethane that affects streak-free wiping and drying.

A 12-count multipack has a suggested retail of $59.99, Stadler Form related.