Staples Adds Lighting, Alerts To Home Automation Platform

With new enhancements, Staples is expanding its connected home/office capabilities. Later this year, the retailer announced, it will offer new lighting products from LG that work with the Staples Connect system and application, including a wireless-linked LED light bulb.

The retailer also announced the launch of an ambient alert system for its home and office automation platform. The alerts provide audio and visual notifications outside of the Staples Connect app link through compatible home or office devices, the company maintained. Staples Connect’s ambient alerts let users’ home or businesses talk to them on a range of occasions, including when a window or door has opened or when their kids arrive home. The alerts supplement the standard push notifications users receive on a phone, tablet or computer.

By integrating with Staples Connect, LG will join a system that includes more than 35 existing hardware partners and almost 150 devices for the home and office, the retailer asserted.

“We’re constantly improving the Staples Connect user experience, adding partners and functions that let customers make more happen with their connected homes and businesses,” said Mike Edwards, Staples evp/merchandising. “The new ambient alert updates will help make the Staples Connect system more intuitive, without being intrusive, giving users more choices on how they are notified of events at their house or office.”