Stein Mart Extends Credit Agreements

Stein Mart has extended and amended its existing revolving credit agreement with Wells Fargo Bank and its term loan agreement with Gordon Brothers Finance Company.

The agreements are coordinated through an intercreditor agreement and provide for combined borrowing availability of $275 million.

Key features of the amended agreements include extending the terms to September 18, 2023 from the previous maturities of February 3, 2020; increasing the Wells Fargo revolving borrowing limit to $240 million from the previous $225 million with an increase in the inventory advance rate; decreasing the GBF term loan amount from $50 million to $35 million and lowering the borrowing rate by 25 basis points; and administrative improvements that will enhance liquidity.

The impact of the new agreements will decrease annual borrowing costs by approximately $1 million and will result in all loan amounts outstanding being classified as long-term obligations. Borrowings under the amended agreements remain available for working capital and general corporate purposes, as well as to support the company’s letter of credit requirements.

“Our improving results reflect the progress we are making with our strategic initiatives and provided us the opportunity to make positive changes to our credit agreements. We appreciate the support of our lending partners, Wells Fargo and GBF, and their collaboration to successfully complete these amendments,” said Greg Kleffner, chief financial officer, Stein Mart. “The changes announced today provide additional flexibility which will aid liquidity and is another step in a positive direction for Stein Mart.”