Sterilite Prepares Larger-Sized Plastic Storage Options

Sterilite was thinking big as it prepared new storage and organization options, with the introduction of a range of larger-sized plastic storage sizes.

Among the new storage products from Sterilite, the Gasket Totes offer a key benefit. A gasketed seal safeguards items from both air and moisture, protecting stored contents from the elements, dust and pests. A domed lid provides high space for taller items and for items that are packed above the rim.

The tote comes in 20- and 30-gallon sizes. It offers a solution for storing away off-season clothing, bedding, camping supplies, sports gear and seasonal décor with the vertical space provided, Sterilite maintained, with the channeled walls and reinforced rim providing added strength and rigidity in use.

Given its portability, the Sterilite 160-quart Wheeled Storage Box storage solution (shown below) can handle large and bulky items conveniently. The ergonomic handle rotates up so the box is easy to tote while the large wheels and metal axle allow for rolling over rough surfaces. Robust latches offer extra security, ensuring that the lid will stay attached to the base, and the textured surface makes for a sure grip when carrying. An innovative drip-resistant lid provides maximum protection against leaking.

The new 120-quart Wheeled Gasket Box is a Sterilite solution for items that need to be stored away and protected including bedding, blankets, seasonal clothing and larger keepsakes. With a gasketed seal to safeguard items from both air and moisture, the box keeps special belongings safe from the elements, dust and pests. Durable, tight-fitting latches keep the lid secured to the base, while a clear lid and base allow contents to be easily identified even without opening the lid.

Sterilite’s Gasket Box series now has seven sizes, ranging from 12-quart to the new 120-quart capacity, providing a variety of options for longer term storage needs.sterilite-160-quart-wheeled-storage-box