Store Tour: At Home Makes Décor Destination Retail Statement

At Home is designed to be a treasure hunt retail destination, with a product selection sufficiently broad that the consumer making a trip will have a high probability of finding a satisfying purchase. But assortment is only part of the merchandising story.

Alissa Ahlman, At Home chief merchandising officer, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®, “We want customers to feel comfortable when shopping with us. Our stores are designed with a store map available at the entrance. We always have in the front of the store great value items, flash finds, and special deals for one week only so shoppers can immediately see the value we offer. We have a welcome table and the newest items of the season— and that’s kind of an adventure— while at the back side of the checkout lane, signage about what’s trending, and we showcase some of the trends that are in the store.”

At Home, with its big stores, averaging around 110,000 square feet according to the company, and 50,000-SKU product assortment focused primarily on home décor, can survive and grow in the Internet age because they can merchandise on a footing with online retailers. As much as portals, At Home store entrances are landing pages translated into the real world and the departments are aisles that, if not endless, are sufficiently deep to give customers a thorough selection that provides wide variety but also exhibits elements of curation.

Between the seasonal presentations and the addition of 400 new items each week, consumers who are excited by newness and inclined to embrace the treasure hunt shopping style have an ongoing motivation to visit At Home.

Across the department landscape, At Home will pull together themes and otherwise organize product based on trend and lifestyle as merchandising enhancements placed in and around the large assortment departments on endcaps and in satellite displays. At Home also offers mix and match presentations in many parts of its stores, including the lighting department, so consumers can put together looks as they please.

Among its enhancements, At Home creates vignette presentations meant to inspire shoppers based on a trend, room decorating notion or brand statement as, recently, with the company-exclusive Shanty 2 Chic product line.

See the gallery for a tour of At Home. For more on At Home, see the June 25, 2018, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

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