Store Tour: Target Is Hitting The Mark Again With Sharper Aim In Housewares

Target once again is making real progress in attracting consumers to its trendy but value-centric proposition.

In effect, Target has become Target once again. The refocused, re-Targeting of the business is a major reason why HomeWorld Business recently chose Target as its 2019 Retailer of the Year (see the May 27, 2019, issue).

The fashionable, progressive image of Target (think “Shabby Chic”) remains vivid, and it continues to define its identity despite the trend-setting mass retailer straying off course a bit in the past decade, such as its ill-fated expansion into Canada.

But in 2015, a year after he had taken over as Target’s chairman and CEO, Brian Cornell suggested it was time for the company to focus on what consumers wanted from retailers in the modern marketplace, which was changing rapidly thanks to the growth of e-commerce and digital technology. Cornell recognized that Target needed to enhance the consumer shopping experience not only for its loyal, maturing Target shoppers but to entice younger shoppers at the same age as those who had helped catapult Target to national retail superstardom more than two decades earlier.

Target renewed its commitment to the consumer, with a focus on its brand and own brand curated merchandising identity, investments in omnichannel capabilities to makes its stores fulfillment centered hubs and an emphasis on added value in sensibly fashionable styling, reliable quality and personalized service.

In the May 27 issue’s cover story, HomeWorld looks at the reenergized Target and explores all the angles of its traffic driving omnichannel consumer focused approach. HomeWorld also looks at how this continuing evolution is impacting housewares going forward, category by category.

See the gallery for a store tour of Target.


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