StoreBound Launches Dash Rapid Cold Brew System On Indiegogo

StoreBound has launched the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System via an Indiegogo campaign. According to the company, the appliance is designed to cut brewing time from 12 to 72 hours to only five minutes.

The company said that the system features a patent-pending pump to extract 42 ounces of cold brew from coffee grounds, preserving cold brew’s boldest notes.  During the brewing process, the consumer can see the water move back and forth from the brewing chamber to the pitcher extracting flavor from coffee grinds using only cold, fresh water. The appliance is designed to create up to seven servings of cold brew coffee.

“We identified an opportunity to use technology to make great cold brew coffee faster than ever before,” said Evan Dash, CEO, StoreBound. “Our team has created a quality machine that makes a great product and is available at a great value to consumers that’s really the trifecta that we look for at StoreBound.”

The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System will launch on Indiegogo in a very limited quantity at $49 to early backers and will have a suggested retail price of $129 when it enters the retail market.