StoreBound Launches Dash Rapid Cold Brew System

Following an Indiegogo campaign, StoreBound has launched its Dash Rapid Cold Brew System that, according to the company, reduces the normally lengthy time frame needed to make cold brew to only five minutes.

The unit’s ColdBoil technology uses a patent-pending pump to extract 42 ounces of cold brew from coffee grounds and brew up to seven servings of cold brew coffee in just a few minutes, company officials said.

“We identified an opportunity to use technology to make great cold brew coffee faster than ever before,” said Evan Dash, StoreBound’s CEO. “Our team has created a quality machine that makes a great product and is available at a great value to consumers— that’s really the trifecta that we look for at StoreBound.”

Now available in stores and online priced at $129.99, the cold brew unit also features a BPA-free Tritan carafe that along with the brewing chamber are both clear and allow the consumer to view the brewing process.

Prior to launch, the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System raised more than $118,000 on Indiegogo in less than five weeks, the company said.

“Crowdfunding helps us bring products to life that might never be produced using a traditional product development pipeline,” said Catherine-Gail Reinhard, StoreBound’s vp/product strategy and marketing. “Our backers help us bring incredible ideas to life so that everyone can benefit from them.”