Study: Brand Value Beats Walmart’s Banner Worth

According to consulting firm Brand Finance, the most valuable retailer banner in the United States is not a store operator, but e-commerce giant The consultancy values the brand at $56.12 billion ahead of number two retailer Walmart, a brand worth $46.74 billion.

Amazon’s brand value gained 24% from 2014 while Walmart’s increased by 4%, according to Brand Finance.

In its annual “Brand Finance Top 500 U.S. Brands” report, Brand Finance ranked Amazon sixth most valuable brand overall and Walmart seventh. The top five were Apple, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and AT&T, demonstrating the dominance of tech brands. It is noteworthy that all are, to a significant extent, involved in retail, even if how they do business doesn’t exactly qualify them as retail companies.

Other retailers in the top 50 included Home Depot, at 17, down from 15 a year ago, CVS Caremark, at 26, up from 28, Walgreens at 32, down from 31, and Target 33, down from 29. In an interesting twist, Sam’s Club, at 37, down from 34, came in ahead of Costco, at 50, down from 44. Rounding out retail participation in the Top 50, eBay ranked 38, down from 37, and Lowe’s ranked 41, down from 39

Making the top 100 list were Macy’s, 56, Nordstrom, 84, Kroger, 85, Sherwin-Williams, 91, and Publix, 92. 

Brand Finance stated that the top 500 most valuable brands can claim membership in its Billion Dollar Brands Club. However, Apple remains the only brand valued at over $100 billion, the firm noted. The total value of America’s top 500 brands is $2.6 trillion, up 3% from last year, it stated.

Housewares brands on the list included Keurig, at 398, and KitchenAid, at 441. Brands in but not exclusively housewares included Honeywell, at 58, Oral-B, at 440, Black & Decker, at 468.

“Purchasing decisions, whether corporate or consumer, are increasingly driven by the brand name behind the product or service,” said Edgar Baum, managing director, Brand Finance North America. “Perceptions and behavior toward a brand are worth more today than most physical assets. Brand Finance’s Billion Dollar Brands Club represents over $2.5 trillion in brand value. Companies that ignore brand investment are putting their business at risk.”