Study: COVID-19 Communications Challenge Confronts E-tailers

Online sales have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, but online retailers need to deal with customers who are demanding information about their orders at a time getting shipments to them may be problematic due to volume and labor issues related to the outbreak.

A detailed analysis of over 40 million online orders processed by online retailers through Amazon, eBay, Magento and other marketplaces conducted by e-commerce software company xSellco in March 2020 revealed a 28.9% increase in sales. However, at the same time, customer support enquiries grew by almost twice that amount, to 54.7%, which has caused xSellco to make eDesk, its integrated customer support software, available free until September.

Warehousing delays and supply chain issues have made online deliveries challenging for some, which is reflected in the customer enquiry increase, xSellco noted, a challenge that will only become greater if not addressed quickly.