Style Gyrations Enliven Summer Las Vegas Market

Style has become an increasingly important element in mass-market furniture, and it’s evolution drove a lot of what buyers saw at the July 29 to August 2 Summer Las Vegas Market, including the expansion of farmhouse looks.

The strength of farmhouse builds on the previous growth of rustic-industrial and cottage-country design. In a sense, farmhouse falls between the two styles, combining light finishes with softer metal elements, which gives farmhouse a more transitional quality. As such, vendors at the market pointed out, it can combine with either of its precursors for consumers who might be adding furniture or building an eclectic but consistent look from scratch. Farmhouse also can work with other popular styles including modern and Scandinavian furniture.

Ikea is among those retailers that have been enthusiastic about farmhouse-related designs, which can be found manifest in its latest catalog in the Brusali High Cabinet and the Litatorp bookcase, for example.

Rustic-industrial, mid-century and cottage-country remain strong as styles although not as the driving forces they once were. With consumers more confident in mixing and matching styles to suit their own tastes, vendors are mixing styles to create unique looks that can meld with the interior decorating intentions of consumers, as is the case with mid-century chairs with seating in darker tones over legs in natural wood finishes. The combination provides the chairs with a Scandinavian touch as Nordic looks gain in the market.

Upholstery, too, is an element vendors are using to soften and blend various styles or to give consumers the chance to provide pops of color into room schemes dominated by styles that have been characterized by specific hues, such as walnut in mid-century or natural in Scandinavian designs.

Finishes also are being used to effect, with grays continuing to gain as alternatives to tones such as walnut cherry and white. Two-tone finishes also are strong, often combining white and wood looks in combinations where one is an enhancement to the other more dominant hue. Black and white color combinations also proved an important part of new product presentations at the market.