Sunbeam Supporting Pain Awareness Month

Newell Brands’ Sunbeam is collaborating with the U.S. Pain Foundation for September’s Pain Awareness Month to call attention to the real-life barriers chronic pain patients face in accessing proper pain treatment. The initiative will also offer perspective into pain management solutions, including heat therapy.

“At Sunbeam, we are not only committed to bringing innovation in heat therapy products to market, but also to finding ways to educate people living with chronic pain about the pain management benefits of heat therapy,” said Aimee Yu, senior brand manager, Sunbeam. “Working with the U.S. Pain Foundation gives us a new way to better understand individuals’ experiences, engage in conversation and support consumers as they navigate pain relief or their conditions.”

To gain insights into the obstacles people with pain face in accessing pain care, in August 2020, the U.S. Pain Foundation conducted a survey of 1,581 chronic pain patients in collaboration with Sunbeam. According to the survey, most individuals are not getting access to multidisciplinary and integrative pain care— the type of care that is widely viewed as best practice. According to the survey, the most common therapy used by people with pain is heat and cold therapy (65.7%), which three-quarters of respondents (77.3%) rated as “effective” or “somewhat effective” when treating their pain. Of those that use heat or cold therapy to manage pain, 52.6% said they found heat more effective.

Throughout the month of September, through Sunbeam’s sponsorship, the U.S. Pain Foundation is offering new resources to help people with chronic pain, including, an interactive website with education and tools for individuals to create a personalized pain plan, which can then be shared with their providers; and three virtual events focused on pain relief at home, how and when to use heat vs. cold therapy and patients sharing their experience with multidisciplinary care.