Survey: Amazon Prime Day Becoming Retail Occasion

Amazon is obviously the key destination for shoppers during its Prime Day event, but it isn’t the only virtual location consumers plan to visit.

Digital marketing firm Bazaarvoice analyzed data collected across its network of 6,000 brand and retailer websites and a survey of 1,000 Prime Day shoppers to get a better sense of consumer behavior prompted by the Amazon sales event. The company found that 70% of Prime Day shoppers plan to spend time with Amazon, but, in addition, 44% plan to visit Walmart, 40% plan to visit Target, 24% plan to visit Best Buy and 18% plan to visit Macy’s.

A brick-and-mortar presence plays a role in Prime Day decision making, according to Bazaarvoice, as 31% of surveyed consumers said they would shop outside of Amazon because other retailers have a physical presence nearby.

As for categories, 48% of consumers said they would shop home goods and appliances during the Prime Day event versus 51% who would shop apparel and 44% who would shop consumer electronics. During Prime Day 2018, kitchen appliances was one of the most popular merchandise categories for shoppers, enjoying a 58% increase in page views and a 41% increase in orders, along with apparel and accessories, and smart watches and wearables. Overall, Bazaarvoice noted, Prime Day 2018 saw a 21% increase in page views, a 15% increase in shoppers and 11% increase on orders.

Prime Day, now a two-day event set for July 15 and 16, is becoming a bigger retail occasion that Bazaarvoice refers to as Black Friday in July. Other retailers are scheduling promotions alongside Amazon’s, including Target and eBay.