Survey: Consumers Want Practical, Efficient Smart Home Products

As smart home products continue to gain shelf space at retail, consumers are looking for items that are practical and provide efficient solutions for completing chores around the home, a recent survey by Whirlpool Corporation found.

Speaking with more than 2,000 homeowners and renters, 72% of respondents said they are looking for simpler, faster ways to help manage their lives. In addition, more than half of those surveyed feel that cooking (52%) and laundry (58%) take up more than the preferred amount of time. Consumers are also interested in smart appliances that manage water usage and help them save money.

“The responses we received to this survey were abundantly clear: consumers said they need simpler, faster ways to manage their lives— in other words, they still feel products for the home aren’t solving these problems,” said Christian Gianni, svp/product development at Whirlpool Corporation. “So when it comes to smart home technology adoption, the technology must provide a purposeful solution in their lives.”

In addition, three-quarters of survey respondents are interested in smart appliances that help reduce food waste, manage water usage and save money, while 64% said it is important that the appliances help save electricity costs.