Survey: Cyber Monday Tops Black Friday For Holiday Shopping

According to a survey sponsored by, Cyber Monday will edge out Black Friday as the top shopping day of the holidays.

About 70% of consumers in the U.S. will shop Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday, When looked at as individual shopping days, Cyber Monday has a slight lead, as 71% of consumers responding to the survey said they intend to shop Cyber Monday, versus 69% who said they intend to shop Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is more popular with younger consumers. The survey indicated that 88% of 18-to-34-year-olds plan to shop on Cyber Monday versus 74% of 35-to-54-year-olds and 52% of consumers 55 and older.

Although 40% of shoppers procrastinate and shop on Christmas Eve, December 24 is the least popular of the big shopping days, noted.

Despite the controversy about stores remaining open on Thanksgiving, 49% of American adults will shop that day, but more will be shopping online or via a mobile device, at 33%, than will be shopping in store, at 30%.